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April 24, 2004

Flash Animation

Bravo Romeo Delta

A Fun Filled Fest of Flash And Additional Amusing Animations And Other Obscure Oddtites

Well, take two on the Friday Flash Fest. And since this is take two, instead of having ten items, we'll have eight. Capital depreciation and all that.

At any rate, nothing in this post is serious. Just kind of a way to waste time and amuse oneself.

Like the UN! Rimshot!!

1) Yes, you've survived the week. Here's to the weekend! Just pay no mind to the Monday looming around the corner.

2) Returning to the music video format, this one has a much more interact element - its an abstract Japanese-esque percussion bit by Tokyo Plastic. Technically, it's a demo for Tokyo Plastic 2 - but number one can be found here by clicking the topmost link.

3) In keeping with the minimalist motif, but a very different flavor of music, we've got this offering by a band called Lodger. Once you've washed that down, hop on over and check out their original award-winnning animation - you can't beat it - it's got zombie dogs.

4) Speaking of man's best friend, check this out to see who, exactly, is a dog's best friend.

5) For those who are a bit more do-it-yourself and don't want sit around like the proverbial Pikachu, here's a nine volume set of dub mixers. Dub is a Carribean style of music related to reggae and ska. Some of the later volumes are good starting points to introduce yourself to the whole dub thing.

6) A link on the above site brings you to this counterpart mix-and-match punk/metal set of flash thingies. Good fun (although I don't get a huge kick out of the games on the rightmost two links)

7) For all those are a great deal more hands-on, we've got the incredibly apt Punk-O-Matic. Good fun this.

8) Rounding out what would be number ten in a base eight world, we've got a final reminder that yes, going back to work on Monday will suck, but it could be worse less productive.

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