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July 22, 2004

Something X-Prize This Way Comes

Bravo Romeo Delta

Something seems to be brewing, from the sounds of folks over at the X-Prize. The X-Prize is a 10 million dollar prize to the first private outfit that can take two passengers on a suborbital flight on a fully reusable vehicle. Furthermore the same vehicle must make two such flights within two weeks.

Contestants are also required to give the foundation 60 days notice before they take a grab at the gold.

Well, this just comes from Yahoo news:

A media alert was issued today by the X Prize Foundation of St. Louis, Missouri noting that "several key announcements" are to be made July 27.

This is on the heels of the June 21st test run by Spaceship 1 of Rutan Composites.

Other things of interest in the aritcle include the appearance of another possible rival, as well as some information that Rutan seems to be thinking good and hard about making this an actual functioning business.

Keep 'yer eyes open kids.

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