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October 06, 2004

Veep Debate Blogging

Bravo Romeo Delta

I'm not liveblogging, because, for the second night in a row, I'll be at work until way past midnight (unless, of course, I mentally tell my boss to go straight to hell). But heck, a little bit o' the blog never hurt anyone [Ed. - famous last words, eh Moxie?] .

The Senator Gone point was a good one (especially the pleased to met you Senator bit), but I really, really doubt that Sen. Edwards wants to keep hammering home on the 'a long resume does not necessarily mean a good track record' or whatever he's said twice. Unless, of course, he wants to start defending Sen. Kerry's 20 year record.

Vice President Cheney has done well on defusing a couple of points, like the gracious response to the comments about his family. Similarly, by noting that they probably have a lot more in common then some may think, is another good end run.

But one thing I really do like is the moderator. She's pitching a fair amount of hardball.

But all in all, the fact that the race is this close does depress me endlessly is the fact that it means that a vast number of people in this country. Just. Don't. Get. It.

Like just about every other Vice Presidential debate I've seen - I'm much more impressed by one (usually both) Vice Presidential candidates then the principles on the tickets. This debate is no exception. Cheney/Edwards (or Edwards/Cheney, if you prefer) would mop the floor with any possible permutation of Bush and Kerry. Cheney is what Kerry could be, if he weren't working so darned hard to be someone else. Edwards is (or may someday be)what Bush could be if he learned to speak English, rather than merely chewing on it, and spitting it out.

I was hoping for a big gaffe in this season's debates, I suppose for much the same reason that the wrecks are what get replayed at car races. I didn't expect either of tonight's debaters to fumble, and neither has. One of the dark sinister lord tricks I see Cheney using that does amuse me, is when if forfeits a response. Some will see that as being unable to respond, but my guess is that it's a very oblique way of noting that the Kerry campaign platform isn't radically altogether ABB.

To be quite fair, Sen. Edwards has handled some hardballs quite well, such as the trial lawyer question.

I think Cheney is coming across (on radio at least) as much more gracious, but either one of them could run circles around either of the Presidential candidates. But I think that Edwards is savvy enough to know that he has to attack a bit to keep his base energized. Cheney doesn't necessarily have to, because Bush's is a base for someone, whereas Kerry's base is an against movement.

Kind of wonder why Sen. Edwards went off the rail with the last bit of business about health care.

If Cheney is willing to go off script he could eviscerate Edward's closing speech. By noting that the kind of America of opportunity that his father and he were able to take advantage of is the kind of America the Republicans are trying to preserve against an onslaught of big government, excessive taxation, and the nanny state. But I guess that's not really the point of the closing remarks.

Cheney did a fairly smart move (particularly as regards independents) about hitting on foreign policy in the closing remarks, and Edwards missed the chance with his chat about his dad.

Some summary thoughts below.

Sen. Edwards did a good job of tagging some major points, as did VPres Cheney, but neither exploited the holes open. For instance, how do you ask for allies, when some of the first allies we recruited post-9/11 you've denigrated for their service in Afghanistan?

Hmm... what else? Cheney didn't mention the continuing desire to ban the bunker buster and his hope to send nuclear fuel to Iran - I think those would have been two sure hits.

Moreover, is there any particular reason that you hold up the contributions of virulently non-democratic allies such as Syria and Egypt in Gulf '91?

I was also (and still am) rather surprised that the Bush campaign hasn't hit Kerry harder with both his voting and absenteeism records.

All in all, I feel it was a close debate - polling will give a 5-10% edge to Cheney on the who one, and we might see a pro-Bush bounce, but it won't exceed more than one or two percentage points.

Still, it was great fun for all the dumb-ass political wonks (like me and you, for instance) who dig on this sort of thing.

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