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October 29, 2004

New Kerry Anti-Logic: The Timing Doesn't Matter


As though the public would regard as seamless a shift in rhetoric as monumental as the Great African Rift, the Kerry team now holds that the actual date at which the Qaqaa explosives went missing is of no importance whatever. Which, of course, is like saying that the US was responsible for Saddam's weapons (all of them, not just WMD) before it wasn't responsible for them.

What could dramatize the essential temporal and scale confusion of John Kerry, and the left in general, any more clearly than to now say that the case it has insisted upon for five days, against all logic and evidence, doesn't matter?

Kerry now claims that the essential failing isn't that the US lost the explosives after it had secured the country (because it now appears that they were in Syria by that time), but that the weapons facility was left unguarded at any time. So, reduced to its particulars, the Kerry argument is now that we ought to have used troops already thinned by Turkey's refusal to pass the 4th ID, to guard an empty chicken coop.

This is a campaign whose central feature is the absence of thought and the avoidance of coherence. Of course they don't have a plan. The Kerry Campaign is The Anti-Plan.

Meanwhile it illogically claims that it is not casting aspersion on the military itself, in a 2004 rerun of Winter Soldier. For unless you believe that it's the President's job to micromanage every wrench and screwdriver in the war, the notion that the Kerry campaign could isolate responsibility to the President alone, is like my five-year-old nephew claiming that his hand was in the cookie jar because he was checking the availability of cookies for the rest of the family.

The question is, is anyone actually buying this nonsense? A quick straw poll of Fox's Dayside program yesterday suggests the whole Kerry onslaught over Qaqaa smells like caca. Of course the audience could be biased, but the polls should start pulling the rug from beneath Kerry's feet by the end of the weekend, and after the Sunday Talks it'll be a completely different race. Stay tuned.

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