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December 01, 2004

The Steaming Hot Broth Of Posting

Bravo Romeo Delta

Ok, not much posting as of late. You know how, after an illness, people first start up with clear broth before moving on to heartier fare? Well, that's kind of what I'm doing right now. A couple links to a couple of the day's grins, and a bit of commentary for flavor.

With this, and a winning lottery ticket, I should be back to meatier posts in no time at all.

Ravishing Light documents the rise of the super, ultra, massive protests and associated chaos and mass riots in Canadia against McChimpySmirkyHalliburtonEvilBushHitlerCheney coming to feast on the blood of Candian Muslim children. At aforementioned insurrection, there were four signs that qualified as clever (or at least original) to my eyes. (Courtesy the Daily Jawa)

Elsewhere, Baldilocks hits a nail on the head. The unintentionally willing association of the black with the underclass. If you drill down a bit, a case can be made that the blacks in this country have come, themselves, to associate blackness with being underclass. Thus, any black person who succeeds somehow violates convention. Before anyone gets in a fit, you and I both know blacks to whom this doesn't apply, but you can't tell me you've never heard the generalization being made before, by blacks. Troublesome, that is.

Still working on how that meshes with some of my earlier posts on race

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