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January 21, 2005

Aurora Alert! (Yeah, it's off topic.)


I posted a few days ago about an unprecedented series of sunspot and solar flare events that would lead to some electromagnetic pyrotechnics in the atmosphere, and it looks like it's coming to pass. For those in the mid-lattitudes who have never seen an aurora this may be your chance-in-a-lifetime. According to an astrophysicist friend of mine:

There is a distnct possibility of auroral activity in the mid latitudes for the next few days. If you happen to be outside, look up, you "might" get a show.

The latest event was another X-level, but it was 7.1 vice 3.8 (bigger numbers are much more powerful).

And he updated recently with this:

WOW! Mid-latitudes are experiencing one right now and did those numbers climb in the last couple of hours.

Do check tonite....... you might actually see one this time. Reports areindicating that those who are currently in darkness are experiencing an aurora in the mid latitudes. Dang.... and it's daylight here!

He lives in Arizona, but since there have been flares within the last few hours one would not expect this event to be over very soon. Once it gets dark, take a look outside, weather permitting.

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Retaliatiory Launches

Too bad, nearly full moon out.
Pretty hard to see an aurora when the moon's so bright.

Posted by: j.pickens at January 24, 2005 03:54 AM

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