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August 03, 2005

A Test and a Recommendation


This is the first test of a piece of software that may allow me to publish posts to multiple blogs at the same time, greatly simplifying my life. (In case anyone is interested, the software is called "w.bloggar.")

And just so it's not a complete waste of electrons, watch out for Michael Yon's four-part series The Battle of Mosul, in which he will attempt to provide an unbiased and accurate picture of the struggle, and its potential for success. The first installment begins with Prelude.

Update: Just to update on the results of the test, it seems to work pretty well. You can only post simultaneously to multiple blogs if they're on the same server (account), but it's fairly easy to save the post and then reload it for posting to each account. I also sometimes get a message to the effect that posting has failed, when it hasn't, resulting in double posts.

I'm probably going to drop the reference to crossposting at the bottom from now on, because there are just too many of them. I'm currently posting to four blogs, including my own. Slightly dysfunctional, I know. But I'm waiting for my Pajamas Media offer (as is Jeff Goldstein, apparently).

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