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June 02, 2004

Stop Slavery Stupidity - Fight Back Smart

Bravo Romeo Delta

As you may know, former Denver Bronco and current Denver Post columnist, Reggie Rivers, has penned a most loathsome bit of crap in which he argues that serving in the military is equivalent to chattel slavery. On the Friday before Memorial Day, no less.

This was found and led to a debate between the writer and this blogger. Additionally, other people, in this three case active and former service folk, have weighed in.

All in all there has been a pretty loud outcry for both the content of the article as well as the decision to post it on Memorial Day weekend. So people have been writing letters to the author. Which is all well and good, but...

editors like seeing letters. Remember the old line that 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'.

What hurts these newspaper sorts worse than a kick in the jimmies is a kick in the wallet. As Gerard van der Leun eloquently points out, the best course is to write to the advertisers. A few hundred letters and the newspaper could lose a major account over a no-account piece of garbage.

So go on over to the Denver Post website and take a look at who advertises there. Even better yet, if you can manage to get hold of a hard copy from a newsstand - or even have one mailed to you, go through and look at who advertises in the print edition. The print advertising is where the real money is for these folks and many of the folks who advertise in print don't advertise in the online edition and vice versa.

Or, if you're still bound and determined to write to paper itself, just note "'Letters to the Editor' are why God made the "cc:" field."

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