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June 04, 2004


Bravo Romeo Delta

First, a number of blogs have put myself (meaning my blog, not me personally) on their blogrolls. Which is good not only because I'm linked, but also because it hurts if you, your actual self, have to sit on the roll.

First, Sasha Castel-el-el, who, among other things links to this map which tells you what you call whatever you call it where.

Next, the Mighty D-Rod (not to be confused with the mighty D-Cup) of Totally Whack-ed, who hath done covered some ground in reminding us of things such as the fact that the Chinese really have a hard-on for killing Chinese.

Then there's this other blog with something vampire or another. I can't remember what exactly, they linked me too. So if you're them, holler hither, lest I lapse, and fail to something.

Ok, Links?! Here is: [click below]

Protein Wisdom links to something about the creeping safety Nazis and why little children should be decapitated. Or something. I don't know, I didn't read it - I just linked it.

Darthvob of the Imperial Senate has something like the Leftist's Nicenean Mycenean Nicinin Creed. In which he both links to the post and quotes the entire thing, leaving me in an absolute quandry about the whole crediting thing. And stuff.

Roger el Simon and Michael el Totten both decide to pet blog. I mean not pet their blogs, or makes pets of blogs, but physically placing a blog upon their pets. Now the pets are waterblogged. Suspect activity after Totten had recently interviewed Simon. And both bloggers backed Bush's hegemonical designs on the Iraqsters. See? Neocon sneakiness afoot, I tell you.

But I did find out that in a relatively shorty race between a greyhound and horse, the greyhound can beat the pants off a horse. Perhaps the fact that the horse was wearing pants in the first case might have been the problem. Also, does anyone know how to get either a greyhound large enough to ride or a jockey small enough to fit atop a standard-issue greyhound?

For those of you following the centipede (and after the centipenis, why not?) Yo Big Ho updates (and links to a thing with a picture of what one o' them creepy sons of bitches looks like).

The blog got high billing (out of two) on Google for this search "Garrison Keeler" "writer's block". I think Garrison Keeler would be rolling in his grave if he knew he was associated with this blog. Assuming he were dead and all.

A big shout out to my Spanish-speaking readers, who evidently got to see what the Bunker looks like in Spanish.

I also discover that, much to my surprise, I am not Bravo Romeo Delta, but rather, Bouncy Raw Delicious. Who knew?


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And finally, this story about taxis is worth the read. If you read nothing else on these links, that's your own damned fault, but read this. (Courtesy Azygos)

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Retaliatiory Launches

My ex-roomie in SF was a cabbie until he got busted by the Feds. He'd never turn down a fare and had endless stories. After serving time in Jersey, he's back in business and loving the night shift again.

Posted by: d-rod at June 4, 2004 06:57 AM

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