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June 09, 2004

An Oral History

Charlie Victor Echo

Those of you who pay attention to these things may have noticed a slight decrease in my participation here. Partly that's due to my having a hard time thinking of things to say lately, but mostly its due to my participation in the World War II Oral History Project.

That involves a lot of driving around and collecting interviews as well as attending memorials and veteran's events...all of which are doing a nice job keeping me away from a PC for extended periods of time.

That said, its been a fascinating experience so far, and I'm hoping to post some of the stories and interviews I collect, or at least links to them once we get them on the web.

Speaking of which, if any of our readers know of World War II veterans in the Chicago area who might be interested in telling thier story, drop me an email at charlievictorecho@yahoo.com with some contact information and I'll try to get them included.

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