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June 15, 2004

What's With California Socialists

Bravo Romeo Delta

Citizen Smash covered a recent anti-war demonstration in LA recently, and one question immediately popped to mind.

What's the deal with the fact that the female headlining speakers at the recent march in LA and a march two months ago in San Diego both have double consonants in both their first and last names?

To wit: LA - Gillian Russom
As well as: San Diego - Rebecca Anshell.

Now, I do note that Governor Schwarzenegger has a double consonant as well and is Republican. On the other hand, he has no double consonants in his first name.

I wonder if this isn't a genetically-linked phenomenon. Sort of a nature+nurture deal. Men with double consonants drift right, while women with double consonants drift left. People with double consonants in both first and last names get extra weird.

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