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August 19, 2004

The Yin and Yang of World Domination

Bravo Romeo Delta

War on Terror, my ass.

I again fear a rise of Asia as the West slowly decays into obsolescence.

Today's reason involves toilets.

See, here (scroll down to the picture of the toilet and start reading around there), we have the blissful experience of how the high-tech toilets in Japan for Japanese. Sort of a useful C3P0 or R2D2 of toilets, I guess. Or something.

Contrariwise, we have this experience in which one of these same high-tech, space-age crap receptacles has taken on a malicious life of it's own. Very Terminator-esque. No difficulty in seeing how this kind of thing will ultimately result in a Matrix-type scenario with machines turning on us and using us like so many pink, fleshy Duracells.

The kicker is, I suspect that the folks on the other side of the Pacific will sit merrily in their citadels protected by their powerful, yet benign, toilet technology, while we in the Western world are eventually overcome in an onslaught of porcelain and plumbing.

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