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November 10, 2004

For Some, Not So Good


The following post by a friend from the UK helped me cope with the fact that there are people at the BBC who've apparently taken the liberty of producing a three part series promoting the idea that Totalitarianism 3.x is just (to use a phrase from Ebeneezer Scrooge): "a piece of over-ripe potato." My friend's post proves that some Englishmen haven't bothered to master the dexterity that must be required to poke their heads up their @$$es without wrinkling their ears:

What a terrible week it's been... if you're a Guardianista that is.

Ist off, that hick Texan warmaniac gets re-elected with an increased vote, but that was all the fault of redneck creationist gun oilers, who wouldn't listen to the voice of reason as set out in the letters to the voters of Clark County, endorsed by Lady Antonia Fraser & other world renowned politically correct philosophers.

Then the Great Light of Palestine is about to go out. We all wept in solidarity with the BBC correspondent, who also wept, when the hero's hearse lifted off into the skies. Too bad he didn't arrange for a succession; but we can't have him compared to the Fascist General Franco who did, & anyway we need continued chaos there in order to maintain our righteous indignation against the doings of the Zionist oppressors.

On the Home Front, the far-seeing deputy Prime Minister had his attempt to modernise the Constitutional Arrangements in line with EU directives, & balkanise England, rejected 4:1 at the ballot box by the sort of retard Little Englanders whose opinions one curls one's lip at, at smart media cocktail parties.

Don't even mention the 71% of the population who in a recent poll want an Oklahoma style 'Make my Day' law in the UK.

Looking on the bright side though, the fox hunting season has started again, so there should be some good opportunities for those amongst us of the direct action persuasion, to defend the right of nasty, smelly, vermin to eat the throats out of new born lambs.

Just be a bit more careful than you used to be; there are rumours that the toffs have manipulated the dregs of the rural proleteriat, into considering taking the sort of measures against the 'sabs', last seen when the Russian peasantry chopped up the remains of the Grand Armee in 1812.

-- Pat Dorrity

OK, so I don't actually know what a "toff" or a "sab" is. I could guess, but I'd probably be way off.

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