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November 20, 2004

Kerry Susses His Problem


According to John Kerry his problem in the 2004 election was a combination of bad media coverage from conservative sources, and the Bin Laden tape that "scared Americans," before he had a chance to unscare them. So, I guess he missed the whole 9/11 "let's roll" message, huh? Here we are sitting calmly and passively in our seats waiting for the "authorities" to work their protective magic, and the terrorists got us flustered. Damn the luck!

He has a point about the media too. I mean, if liberal media had a total monopoly it would've been like a crew race where only one team gets a boat, and he could probably have managed to win a race like that. I wonder if his secret plan for Iraq and Al Qaeda employed a similar strategy? Come to think of it, isn't he essentially saying that Al Qaeda beat him?

Yes John, there may indeed be something right there under your finger.

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Retaliatiory Launches

Kerry lost a close election in this economy because he was a horrible candidate, with weak delivery and an unconvincing presentation. The election was about Marketing, and High Mage Karl Rove handed 'em their ass on a silver platter.

It's interesting to note that you seem to acknowledge that the "liberal media" doesn't have a monopoly... most 'conservatives' disagree. And of course, most 'liberals' see it the other way 'round.

But, when you're all the way right,everybody is on your left. And when you're all the way left, everybody is on your right.

Posted by: Steve at November 23, 2004 06:16 PM

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