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May 04, 2004

Iraq - Asian Winners And Losers

Bravo Romeo Delta

What of Asia in all this Iraq nonsense?

Well, Japan is evidently a pretty big winner, but is now in a more unstable region. The US-Japan alliance has been strengthened, and Japan is much more of a global player than it was previously, particularly prior to 9/11.

In the strategic blind created by the war, China has become much more assertive regionally, and has also forged closer ties with the EU. Long term results uncertain.

South Korea has experienced a minor net gain. Increased global and regional visibility offset by damage to its relationship with the US.

North Korea - as always, hard to say. Recent ploys with nuclear programs have not yielded expected results (maybe) but has lost ground with respect to the formation of the 6-party dialog process. Now all regional powers have aligned in their opposition to North Korean nukes. Does it mean anything? Too soon to tell.

Taiwan? Behind closed doors, tensions with Washington are rising. This is offset by the mutating relationship between Washington and Beijing. Expect increasing tension cross-straights for years to come.

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