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May 05, 2004

Iraq From Inside The Beltway

Bravo Romeo Delta

Well, from some off-the-record breifings, the Congress is starting to get awfully itchy about Iraq. Reportedly, one senior former administration official has spoken off-the-record to two senior military officers (independently of each other) who have suggested that we need to start examining near-future exit options.

Congressmen who have supported the war are a bit miffed at the amount by which the Bush administration allegedly lowballed the cost and manpower commitment associated with Iraq.

Among other things, it is entirely possible that the troop levels required may necessitate a broader mobilazation (above the 46% of reserves currently mobilized). International support would be of fair utility. In Europe, the only folks who aren't entirely tapped out are the French. Moreover, if an upcoming UN resolution passes to give the occupation more legitimacy, it may be possible to rent peacekeepers from countries that traditionally rent peacekeepers to the UN such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Argentina, Finland, et al.

Odds on this aren't real high.

As far as an Iraqi take over, it is currently estimated that the Iraqi Army rebuild will take five years.

More tomorrow.

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