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July 30, 2004

Two Americas

Bravo Romeo Delta

I find it more than a bit puzzling that I should agree with John Edwards on things, let alone so completely and thoroughly. Sure, even folks who disagree vehemently can see eye to eye once in a while.

But this was something so central to his campaigning and speechifying that I'm still amazed.

I agree with John Edwards about the two Americas.

I see an America where a black applicant is 174 times more likely than a white candidate with equal qualifications to get into the University of Michigan - in the name of fairness.

I see an America where diversity and tolerance is championed. And an America where Christians are not allowed public display of their views.

I see one America where censorship reigns throughout the land and those who question Bush are denigrated. And I see an America where Fahrenheit 9/11 has more than $100 million in box office receipts.

I see one America where terrorism is an imaginary boogeyman conjured up to create fear and to control a population. And I see another America where the party that espouses that view implements unprecedented security precautions for its National Convention.

I see one America where Iraq is an imminent threat and possesses WMD while a Democrat sits in the Oval Office. And I see another America where Iraq becomes containable and ceases to be an imminent threat when a Republican sits in that same seat. [ed: One could draw the conclusion (incorrectly) that we should vote for Bush, because other countries become less dangerous while a Republican is in office]

I see one America in which John Kerry voted against the use of force in Iraq (that country being America circa 1990) and another where Kerry voted for the use of force.

I see an America in which the Republican party is controlled by its religious fringe. And another America in which the Democratic party has a Reverend as a keynote speaker at its convention - more specifically, one who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination.

I see one America in which Kerry flips, and another in which he flops. [ed: Never mind that's one America - not two.]

All of these things bother me, but there is one division that terrifies me:

I see one America, happy, content, and peaceful. I see another America that knows we're at war.

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