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July 30, 2004


Bravo Romeo Delta

I've never linked to a drudge article before, but this one pisses me off. The meat of it is here:

""The American people are terrified," says Streep's villainous senator early on as, John Ashcroft-style, she wields a national security report promising "another cataclysm, probably nuclear." And so we watch her and the rest of the Manchurian Global cabal exploit that fear in any way possible, using the mass media as a brainwashing tool, manipulating patriotic iconography for political ends. "Compassionate vigilance" is one campaign slogan. A televised election night rally features a Mount Rushmore backdrop (as in a signature Bush photo op) and a chorus line of heroic cops and firemen (reminiscent of the early Bush-Cheney ads exploiting the carnage at ground zero)."

Analysis below:

In my talks with a lot of folks, people are becoming increasingly distrustful of the media. For some moonbats and think that the media is in the hands of Bush, et al. For others, they've noted the extraordinary difference in the amount of attention focused on certain issues, while other things have gone quietly into the night.

Well, if the MC is that blatant and veers that far to the hard left, I think the Democrats may just lose the centrists. Folks have a pretty good fair-play vibe, and between the news reports, Fabrication 9/11, and now this, they will genuinely lose them votes, or even energize people who are just pissed about the actions of the entertainment and media complex.

At the very least, there's really not any way for either the media or entertainment industry to ever regain the amount of credibility they're burning with this assault.

It'll be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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That's more baltway thinking. Out here, nobody cares about the political implications of MC...because no one's watching it. Everyone's watching "Spider-Man 2", "I, Robot", and "The Bourne Supremacy".

It ain't gonna make "the Democrats may just lose the centrists" because no one cares and no one's seeing the movie.

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