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July 30, 2004

Other Media Reactions

Bravo Romeo Delta

A brief perusal of the traditional media outlets, yields some really fascinating responses.

WaPo: Missed Opportunity

WaPo: Kerry Still Needs to Connect to Voters

USA Today: Kerry vows to defend country, restore credibility to White House - this one's pretty much just straight coverage, at least at first glance.

UPI: Kerry promises strength and values - Fairly favorable reaction. A bit of a surprise coming from UPI.

AP via Guardian UK: Kerry Vows to Restore 'Trust, Credibility' - Apparently rather favorable impression of performance.

UPI via WashTimes: Kerry sets military tone to start speech

WaPo: A Swift, Stirring Race Against the Television Timer - Evidently this guy thought it was good except that Kerry got rushed. Interesting.

NYT: Democrats Vowing to Bring Allies Into Iraqi Fight - Roger Cohen swoons.

Salon: No retreat, no surrender - gets quite aroused by Kerry evidently.

AP via SF Chrnoicle: Top Republicans _ and a Democrat _ attack Kerry on his big night - fascinating lede for an SF paper to put out right now.

And evidently, there was a problem with the baloons that resulted in a gaffe that got broadcast on CNN. Oops.

And too all, a good night.

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