When is a first strike not a first strike?
When it's Anticipatory Retaliation.

September 22, 2004


Bravo Romeo Delta

I'll be damned, but here it is...

These three reports all report that a decorated soldier, Foster Barton (19), on leave in Ohio was at a concert last night where he was, apparently, attacked because he was wearing a Operation Iraqi Freedom t-shirt.

I don't know whether or not it was apparent he was a soldier. One witness says that Barton swung first, according to reports. However, these same reports indicate that 6 other witnesses state that Barton was, in fact, hit from behind.

We support our troops, but oppose the war, my ass.

(Courtesy Dean's World)

Launched by Bravo Romeo Delta at September 22, 2004 01:40 AM
A Straight Shot Of Politics Retaliates with: A Horrible Thing Has Happened In My Town

Retaliatiory Launches

I have just pinged you with links for anyone to e-mail the Mayor of Columbus and the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.

I don't want to hear of this in my town again, and I invite anyone who feels the same way to help out by telling the-powers-that-be here so.

Posted by: Joseph Marshall at September 22, 2004 10:21 PM

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