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October 13, 2004

Just Because...

Bravo Romeo Delta

My co-blogger has gone off and rendered a thoughtful post, I must, of course, post some sort of deserving reply. Taking a page from some of the finest political discourse to grace this country in the campaign season, I give you this:

The top ten reasons why it won't be so bad if John Kerry wins the election:

10. The US can join the European Union thereby ending the downward slide of the dollar or any further silly disputes that occur between sovereign nations.
9. Our troops can return from Iraq and fight terrorism from the comfort of their own homes for a change.
8. College students can stop spending all their time protesting and return to their keg parties.
7. We can bring all the outsourced jobs back from overseas -- and send the imported jobs back.
6. With Halliburton out of business, we can let France handle the dirty business of rebuilding war-torn countries.
5. Hillary Clinton can fulfill her life-long dream to head up a task force to create a national healthcare system.
4. Kerry can take Kofi Annan windsurfing -- in deep waters
3. Annoying political posts like this will slow from the current torrent to a mere trickle.
2. Hillary Clinton won't be able to run for president for at least 6 more years.
1. Your journey to the dark side (and all the awesome electricity shooting out of your hands power that comes with it) will be complete*.

*Take your Jedi weapon! Use it. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete! --Emperor Palpatine

(Courtesy Almanac of the Mundane)

Ok, well maybe I'm just borrowing from the Ann Coulter/Michael Moore school of debate, but hey, at this stage in the race, I thought a quick chuckle wouldn't be so bad.

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