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When it's Anticipatory Retaliation.

October 15, 2004

Just Because... II

Bravo Romeo Delta


(Courtesy Perfesser Chaos)

I think this should be the new banner for Transatlantic Relations in the Global War on Terror. And perhaps the Republican Party campaign slogan as well.

When it gets down to cases, once again, we get to do a significant portion of the heavy lifting while others carp, and like I mentioned below, I can, more or less, live with it.

But it still gets my goat that we get slammed for not helping folks and then hindered when we do help.

Some days...

I tell ya, some days...

Launched by Bravo Romeo Delta at October 15, 2004 12:10 AM

Retaliatiory Launches

How ironic that Brad Pitt is very anti-Bush.

Just another example of being foolish by the loony Bushies.

Posted by: Rob at October 16, 2004 01:23 AM

I see nothing mor ironic about it than the selective editing of quotes from people who supported Bush in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911.

But you know then again, maybe I really am a loon expecting sufficient critical self-examination from people to realize that.

Or, perhaps, I am being a loon by failing to expect that someone would present the notion that a Hollywood actor might be very opposed to Bush.

Whatever. You humor-impaired dork.

Posted by: Bravo Romeo Delta at October 16, 2004 10:50 PM

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